Custom 404 Page Not Found For Blogger

You convey seen many complains inward different Blogger Help Forums regarding the lackness of Custom 404 Page in Blogger  (Page Not Found on The Server).This is i of the biggest issues,not exclusively disturb Professional Blogger recommend WordPress,as it is easily customizable,has lots of plugins to play with,has amend SEO,gains traffic actually quickly.

But Blogger does non seems to convey a existent means to practice a custom 404 redirect page equally blogger has its ain limitations until this tool was introduced.In Previous days if nosotros had a spider web log powered yesteryear Blogger nosotros normally larn annoying message when nosotros see a page which is restricted,either deleted or unavailable (404 Not Found) 

Let us consider yous published a postal service at your spider web log hosted yesteryear blogger in addition to around i shared your postal service on his spider web log alongside trackback link to your spider web log but for around argue yous deleted the post.Now yous volition not receive the vantage of Page Rank juice from the trackback link exactly because it is  not found,when always visitors volition click on that link they volition province no where inward your spider web log in addition to volition come across a erstwhile fashion 404 Not industrial plant life page fault equally shown:
But at i time exactly afterwards the electrical current Blogger Tool update nosotros tin easily blueprint our really ain 404 non industrial plant life page,we tin attach images,scripts,CSS to larn inward hold back lot to a greater extent than attractive.But alongside the limitation of 10K maximum characters allowed.

>Create Your Custom 404 Not Found Page Blogger

  • Go to >> Settings >> Search and Reference
  • Click Edit link adjacent to Custom Page Not Found
  • Inside this text editor only type your message that yous desire to display if your reader’s province on a page which does not exists  

You tin write whatever message within this text editor yous tin experiment around HTML codes but it volition hold back dull until we add together CSS.So a combination of CSS + HTML volition gave perfect results.After applying all the styles CSS alongside HTML striking salvage push in addition to at i time become to an illogical page at yous spider web log event It) 
So That’s How nosotros tin practice custom 404 Page.Don’t Worry presently nosotros volition break 404 Not Found Page Styles therefore yous tin brand your 404 page to a greater extent than attractive alongside out getting whatever stress till in addition to then peace blessings in addition to happy optimizing.

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