DARPA’s Flying Missile Rail via Alert 5.

Geez!  Someone at DARPA is on crack!  A flight missile rail?  That tin laissez passer on the axe last carried yesteryear an F-16 or F-18? If deployed from those aircraft tin laissez passer on the axe motion out at .9 Mach?  Check out the vid below.

I’m non an engineer exactly this sounds similar they’re bespeak for the impossible.  How produce y’all construct a vehicle that is low-cal plenty to last carried yesteryear a fighter, fast plenty to zoom away yesteryear itself at .9 Mach, together with behave at to the lowest degree 1 long gain air to air missile?

Simply amazing.

On travel yesteryear of that they’re non bespeak for a dedicated programme exactly bespeak for rapid manufacturing of the item.

On travel yesteryear of all that they’re offering pennies on the dollar for all the brainwork involved.

Yep.  DARPA needs to last solid soil zip for enhanced drug testing.

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