Fashion How to Stripes too Neon

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 Stripe Shirt With Pocket – Choies

You got it right, I am enjoying the super hot tendency this outflow summertime – STRIPES !! in addition to can’t larn plenty of it…did a post service wearing striped blazer here. This post service is focusing on the stripes shirt been paired amongst hot neon. Yes, neons are the best partners amongst monochromes, dear the agency they compliment each other. Moment I paired them amongst my ripped denims, I was jumping equally stone chic !!

I actually liked this pairing in addition to wore it to a alive music concert in addition to permit the people murmur “Who is she?” Who doesn’t relish the attending that a trendy await brings amongst it 🙂 Happy Experimenting !!

Till side yesteryear side time….Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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