Finding the gadget ID for a widget inward your blog

This article shows you lot how to detect the “identifier” for a gadget inward your blog.  This isn’t useful inward itself, but is a ready inward diverse other template customizations, including putting a gadget on a unmarried page only.

Sometimes you lot ask to detect the code-name for a gadget that you lot convey added to your blog, in addition to hence you lot tin edit your template in addition to command how in addition to where that gadget is displayed.

This may last business office of giving your weblog a home-page, controlling how your weblog looks on mobile devices, or diverse other tweaks.

Luckily this is real simple.

How to detect the id-code for whatever gadget

“gadget”, “widget”, in addition to fifty-fifty “page-element” all hateful the same thing.  I to a greater extent than oft than non purpose “gadget”, because the Page Elements tab currently says “Add a Gadget”.  But they’re absolutely the same.

Add the gadget to your weblog in the park way.

Edit it again, but don’t brand whatever changes to it.

Maximise the window, in addition to hence you lot tin encounter the very goal of the address bar in the window – at the overstep of the screen.

Notice the give-and-take at the real goal of the address, ending inward a number.   This is the Gadget-id.

In this example, it’s Text1,   Other possible values are HTML1, Attribution1, Followers1, etc.

 but is a ready inward diverse other template customizations Finding the gadget ID for a widget inward your blog

What does the pose out mean?

The digits at the goal of the widget-id exhibit to the pose out of times that a gadget of this type has been added to the blog:  in a complicated situtation, amongst lots of gadgets of the same type, it tin larn into double, or fifty-fifty treble-figures.)

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