How To Convert WordPress Blog To Blogger

Blogger is i the most powerful term of the mesh as well as its getting fifty-fifty improve equally fourth dimension passes the argue why its users is increase on daily dry reason equally nearly of the WordPress users are finding ways to transform at that spot WordPress Blog to Blogger yesteryear exporting as well as import at that spot spider web log posts.Which is non a hard work inwards few steps nosotros tin easily convert WordPress To Blogger.Blogger provides much easier interface,easy optimize templates,widgets as well as much more.WordPress besides cause got roughly skilful features but inwards my thought Blogger is exactly the best.Old Rivals WordPress Vs Blogger who is the Best.So I my self recommend you to purpose Blogger equally it has cracking importance inwards the town of internet.

So Today nosotros volition learn How To Transform WordPress To Blogger Blog before nosotros acquire started lets await at roughly disadvantages of transforming your WordPress spider web log to Blogger.

Disadvantages of Transforming Established WordPress To Blogger:

1.If you lot owns a WordPress spider web log which has thousands of postal service as well as then you lot should non transform it to blogger.If you lot transfer it to Blogger all the indexed content volition move useless.

2.There is no redirect organization inwards Blogger if you lot are thinking of redirecting your quondam WordPress URLS as well as then you lot are making a biggest blunder don’t fifty-fifty intend of it Blogger doesn’t supports redirects.

3.You volition loss all your search engine audience.If you lot alter WordPress To Blogger as well as then you lot cause got to start working from beginning.Note:You tin easily carry your WordPress posts.

Remember:Only to Transform Your WordPress Blog To Blogger If Your Blog is  New.

Exporting WordPress Blog:

Your initiatory off work is to export your WordPress posts.To export WordPress spider web log posts move to >> login to your concern human relationship alongside username as well as password >>Select Tools >> Export >> Download Export File.
That’s how your spider web log posts volition live on exported inwards WordPress WXR export file thence thats clear you lot cannot upload this file to Blogger equally it exclusively excepts XML format instantly nosotros cause got to convert WXR to XML file.

Converting WXR To XML file:

Now to convert WXR to XML nosotros volition accept tending of the website which is ain yesteryear Google allowing users to easily convert their WordPress To Blogger .Simply upload the file which nosotros download previously “WXR” format as well as click on convert.Remember:This hosted application volition exclusively allow downloads smaller than 1MB. 

Uploading XML File To

Now Simply Go To >> create a novel blog >>After you set-up the blog >>Settings >> Other >> Import Blog >> Choose the XML file >> Upload  and instantly your operate is done.

Now your all operate is done Important: if you lot uploaded your all information on domain as well as you lot desire to transform it to your WordPress domain See this Transforming Blogger Blogspot To .Com Domain Name With cPanel after applying this your self hosted WordPress Blog would live on converted to Blogger Hosted yesteryear Google inc.Blessing as well as peace buddies.

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