How to Lock or Unlock Widgets inwards Blogger

Have y’all always used a blogger template consisting of widgets that are close irremovable? Time to fourth dimension y’all wish to integrate advanced functionality in addition to desires to take away or edit that widget that are doesn’t supply whatsoever alternative to either take away or edit. Recently, 1 of our users asked us that How to Lock or unlock Widgets inwards Blogger? Most of the blogger developers prefer to add together unlocked widgets then that users tin flaming easily customize in addition to play around amongst the template’s framework. Today, inwards this article nosotros volition demo y’all how to lock or unlock widgets inwards Blogger.

We conduct keep separated this tutorial into 2 parts inwards the source component nosotros volition demo y’all how to lock widgets inwards blogger in addition to inwards the instant component nosotros volition instruct y’all how to unlock widgets inwards blogger.

How to UnLock Widgets inwards Blogger

The really source affair y’all demand to produce is to login into your Blogger concern human relationship past times going to After logging in, choose a weblog in addition to acquire to Template >> Edit HTML (we volition prefer to source implement it on your testing weblog earlier using it on your alive site, simply to snuff it on yourself prophylactic inwards illustration anything went non according to the plan).

Now at the tiptop of your concealment y’all volition meet a “Jump to Widget” push correct adjacent to the orangish salvage template button. It is a dropdown carte du jour consisting of all the widgets which are beingness used inwards your template. Select whatsoever widget that y’all similar only depends on you.

 consisting of widgets that are close irremovable How to Lock or Unlock Widgets inwards Blogger

After selecting a widget, it volition accept y’all to the code of that specific widget which would somewhat looks similar this (it may await unlike because the lift of your widget powerfulness endure unlike from the next one):

<b:widget id=’Header1′ locked=’true’ title=’ (Header)’ type=’Header’>

To unlock the widget, simply replace locked=’true’ with locked=’false’, this volition ascendancy the template to unlock the gadget from the Layout Area. (Quick Tip: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 individual tin flaming equally good take away the gadget past times removing all the code from  <b:widget> to  </b:widget> tags).

How to Lock Widgets inwards Blogger:

Since y’all already know a means to unlock widgets inwards blogger, this component would non effort a lot of problems. Go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML in addition to search for locked=’false’. On finding it supersede the False amongst True to lock the widget. Once everything is done salvage your template to complete the procedure sucessfuly. 
 consisting of widgets that are close irremovable How to Lock or Unlock Widgets inwards Blogger
We promise this tutorial may conduct keep helped y’all inwards learning in addition to agreement how to lock or unlock widgets inwards blogger to take away or edit useless gadgets that reduces the charge fourth dimension of y’all blog. If y’all similar this article, delight portion it on Facebook or tweet it on twitter. 

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