How to Properly Add Font Awesome Icons inwards Blogger

Are you lot looking for a agency to add together hundreds in addition to thousands of scalable vector icons to your blogger site? One of the proper in addition to electrical current solution that most professional designers recommend is FontAwesome. Recently, i of our users asked us that How to properly Add Font Awesome inwards Blogger thus that he tin move add together scalable vector icons inwards his website without getting its pixels blurred or adding whatever farther images. Font Awesome provides a unproblematic CSS technique that adds vector icons that looks awesome at whatever size. In this article, nosotros volition demonstrate you lot how to properly add together Font Awesome Icons inwards Blogger.

What is Font Awesome:

Font Awesome provides scalable vector icons that looks skillful at whatever size or dimension. Being a spider web designer you lot mightiness demand a lot of dissimilar icon gear upwardly to make your blueprint a professional person acquit upon land maintaining the latest developing standards. According to the Font Awesome site:

Font Awesome gives you lot scalable vector icons that tin move forthwith move customized — size, color, driblet shadow, in addition to anything that tin move move done amongst the ability of CSS

Why to purpose Font Awesome:

Though the perks of using this tool are countless but few of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • Wide Range of Icons: It provides a broad make of high character vector icons in addition to build clean images.
  • Supports CSS: It also industrial plant amongst CSS thus that colors, size, shadows in addition to other components tin move easily move adjusted in addition to applied to them.
  • Speed: Font Awesome images are extremely lightweight in addition to loads real chop-chop equally compared to the CSS Spirit images.
  • Flexibility: They are thus many dissimilar ways to add together in addition to purpose Font Awesome inwards your site to improve its functioning in addition to site appearance.
  • Innovate: The squad behind this amazing tool is highly talented in addition to they are continually working to arrive fifty-fifty better.
  • Everything for FREE: You tin move acquire this in addition to everything for absolutely FREE.

How to Properly Add Font Awesome Icons inwards Blogger:

Adding or implementing Font Awesome on your blogger site yourself is extremely straightforward in addition to would conduct hold moments to finish. Here are the basic steps to follow:

Step#1: Installing Font Awesome inwards Blogger:

The proper agency to install Font Awesome is to include it inwards your Blogger Template file without compromising the speed is to add together it correct afterward the <head> Tag. Therefore, acquire to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML in addition to search for the <head> tag, but below it glue the next business of code.

<link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet”/>

Step#2:  Using Icons inwards Blogger:

Since, nosotros conduct hold been using the newly released version of the Font Awesome 4.0.1. Therefore, croak on inwards heed that naming has been changed for the version 4.0+ significantly from the previous version 3.x. All examples below are using version 4.0.1. Check out this example:

<i class=”fa fa-play-circle”></i> fa-play-circle

It would make you lot the follow result:


If you lot desire to access the consummate listing of available icons acquire to Font Awesome Icons inventory. It volition non alone furnish you lot a consummate make of icons, but would also furnish a agency to add together them inwards your site which makes it a lot easier for non-designers.

Step#3: Applying CSS to Icons:

You tin move alter the color, size, shadow in addition to to a greater extent than through applying CSS to your icons. The method is quite straightforward in addition to it is achieved through the flat given to your icon. Check out the next example:

.fa-play-circle {
   border:1px corporation #111;

If you lot are all the same confused almost the usage, in addition to then you lot tin move also conduct hold a await at Examples page providing in-depth guide to both designers in addition to non-designers.
Font Awesome is a fantastic, flexible in addition to a fast agency to add together character graphic vectors to your blogger site. There are tons in addition to tons of endless purpose to graphics inwards menus, posts, footer in addition to etc to spice upwardly your site. We promise this article may conduct hold helped you lot inwards learned how to properly add together font awesome inwards blogger. Do percentage your thoughts inwards the department below.

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