How to Remove Click Trap From Blogger Preview

Being a Blogger Developer or a mutual user, upon previewing your template or posts you lot mightiness convey noticed a click trap introduce in that place to terminate you lot from clicking anywhere inwards the entire weblog post. Recently, i of our users asked us that how to disable or withdraw click trap from blogger previews. It’s a fact that nosotros all desire to cross cheque our posts earlier putting them alive on our blog, simply the click trap produces sum disturbance that is sure as shooting beyond the explanation.  Today inwards this article, nosotros volition exhibit you lot how to withdraw the click trap from Blogger Preview.

What is Blogger Preview Click Trap:

Basically, it’s a layer construct amongst CSS that prevents users from clicking anywhere inwards the website. There are no rigid reasons why Blogger has implemented this trap. But Since Blogger is an opened upward origin CMS arrangement as well as hence amongst to a greater extent than or less tike tweaks nosotros tin cast it according to our liking.

To honor the click trap inwards blogger, you lot would demand Google Chrome amongst Developer tools (comes built-in).  Go to Blogger ›› New Posts ›› Preview ›› Press F12  to opened upward the developer tools as well as hold off for “blogger-clickTrap” inwards the chunk of HTML Coding. Check out the next screenshot for assistance:

How to Remove Click Trap from Blogger Preview:

To withdraw click trap from blogger all you lot demand to arrive at is to add together the next slice of CSS coding into your blogger template this volition override the default CSS as well as would withdraw the click trap from your blog.

Paste the next code higher upward ]]></b:skin> tag inwards Blogger Template.

.blogger-clickTrap {
    display: none!important;

We promise this tutorial helps you lot inwards removing the click trap from the blogger preview every bit it plant amongst both custom as well as default blogger templates. Few designers, already include this code inwards their themes, simply a few don’t. Do portion your thoughts, If you lot similar this post arrive at non hesitate to portion it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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