Hurricane Harvey News. Law Enforcement on the reason inwards Houston….a weblog of a deployed police line officer…

Note:  I direct maintain a position out of law enforcement officers that partake inwards the discussions on this blog.  They come upwardly for the verbalize on state of war machine matters, fitness etc…and rest for the views on modern policing.  We don’t e’er concur but when produce brothers ever?  I desire to brand this clear.  Just similar inwards the Marine Corps, when I reckon something I disagree alongside inwards law enforcement I volition speak out virtually it.  It does non all the same hateful that I’m anti-police.  I’m not.  I’ve never had a bad experience alongside law enforcement.  Having said that these are the words of a guy on the Earth inwards Houston.  He is doing God’s move together with I give thank yous him for it.  Hell I’m inwards awe of all the guys doing move downwards there. He asked me to create clean this up, but I’m non gonna produce it.  He’s been upwardly together with moving for the past times five days playing the former hurry upwardly together with expect game.  Meeting to hash out the movement, activity i time on location…the criterion game innovation everyone would recognize that spent five 2nd inwards the military.

I won’t create clean it upwardly because I desire yous to larn the total potable here.  Drink this in. The Rambos inwards the audience won’t empathise but yous larn primed to move, primed to position your dorsum into the move together with you’re similar a race Equus caballus laid to nail downwards the track.  You’re checking gear, rechecking, meeting, planning, going over scenarios…before yous fifty-fifty deploy you’re a caffeine junky operating on the donkey terminate of also petty sleep.  That’s what he went thru earlier he touched down.  This is the 3rd regime annotation I’ve gotten from him hence we’ll skip the preamble together with restrain correct into his arrival inwards Houston.

via “T”

Update alongside amend info.

Sol I’ve been inwards Houston a few days straight off together with would similar to give everyone an thought of what the Police Officers direct maintain gone through.

So from what I’m gathering they had an all hands on deck that started on Friday. All larn out was suspended together with everyone that was inwards town was brought in. They remained on that status until Midweek I believe, could hold out incorrect both their together with my days are running together. So on telephone telephone forth them way they larn slumber when they are worn out. At approximately indicate their headquarters became an isle due to the flooding. Most officers slept either inwards buildings or inwards team cars. We are talking an hr or 2 nap actually every straight off together with then. Some police trace ran out of food.  They are tired together with demand a break. In Houston the pd has rescue boats together with in that place direct maintain been enough terra firma together with local agency boats heading out to other areas of the hurricane every bit I was arriving.

So straight off the all hands is done the metropolis implemented a curfew to endeavor to continue looting downwards straight off that tin focus on enforcement. The officers are straight off working 12 on together with 12 off for the side past times side few days. Now that other officers are hither the ones needing to cook their ain homes tin asking days off to produce so.

  The message straight off is to forestall looting together with to protect the metropolis from exploding. They direct maintain had i officeholder drown, direct maintain lost 200 patrol vehicles, together with straight off having looters shoot at them

Passing out patch typing hence yous tin postal service this message. Please only brand certain it’s coherent. five days alongside 2hrs slumber a twenty-four hr menstruum has caught upwardly to me.


I never fifty-fifty considered the thought that they would direct maintain lost police trace cars. I wonder what else has been destroyed that the commencement responders demand to safeguard the city?

This confirms i thing I did non believe.

Looters are shooting at officers?  Craziness!

This is gonna hold out a long term thing.  It hasn’t gained national attending but their is a gas shortage inwards N. Texas.  The pipeline has been turned off to New York.

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The whole state is virtually to experience the hurting every bit certain every bit the guys similar “T” that are working on the recovery.