Increase Your Facebook Page Likes inwards Bulk For Free

This article is updated yesteryear Syed on August 26,2012 as well as it is right as well as plant perfectly.

Facebook is the alone social networking site which is ranked amid the exceed 10 websites. Its Global rank is 2, thus its reputation is extraordinary on the web. To popular off a success full publisher you lot should have got your ain Facebook community page, it’s non alone vital but play pregnant purpose inwards edifice traffic every bit good every bit the backlinks. On the other hand, it is extremely straightforward to practise your ain community page on Facebook but to establishing it is a hard task. Most of the publisher had a mutual occupation they are unable to growth their likes. You tin dismiss enquire your Online Friends, Family or fifty-fifty unknown persons to similar your page, but yesteryear doing this your page is revolving some similar peoples. Today nosotros volition live on discussing the truthful technique that could convey Bulks of Facebook Like without doing whatever operate whatsoever. 

What is AddMeFast?

AddMeFast is a promotional website built thus that users tin dismiss non alone growth their Facebook Fans, but tin dismiss likewise accept wages of other social services. It is a community where people all circular the globe similar each other’s pages. Now you lot would live on thinking are these likes are real? Yes, it provides character existent human likes. Moreover, it is totally legal as well as you lot volition never have got whatever problem inwards feature.

How To Use AddMeFast as well as Increase Facebook Likes:

The Steps are pretty much straightforward as well as would hardly accept xx minutes to consummate the whole Process. Just practise every bit mentioned below.

Step#1: Register a Free Account: First matter starting fourth dimension popular off to AddMeFast as well as register your concern human relationship amongst right Email address because earlier you lot could start using your account, you lot have got to verify your electronic mail address to assay out your identity.

Step#2: Earn Free Points: After registering as well as verifying your Email Address, login to your account. Now in 1 lawsuit you lot have got logged inwards you lot have got to similar other pages to earn points. These points volition help you lot to growth your likes the to a greater extent than you lot earn points, the extra similar you lot volition get. Following is the listing of services that could earn you lot gratuitous points.
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Subscribers
  • Twitter Follow
  • Google Plus Circle
  • Google Plus one
  • YouTube Subscriber
  • YouTube Views
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Sound Cloud
  • Stumbleupon Followers

Step#3: Adding Facebook Page or Site: Now when you lot have got sufficient amount of earned points as well as thus you lot tin dismiss add together your Facebook Page as well as tin dismiss start growth likes. So press Add Site/Page present on the left side of your Screen.
  • Type: In this department pick out on which social website you lot desire to larn followers since nosotros are using it to growth Facebook likes thus nosotros volition pick out “Facebook Likes” you lot tin dismiss pick out anything according to your interests.
  • Title: Enter the championship of your page.
  • Site/Page URL: Either insert the URL of your Facebook page or whatever link that you lot desire to target for likes.
  • CPC: Here you lot have got to pick out how much points you lot volition give to that someone who volition similar your page. The to a greater extent than higher you lot bid, the faster likes you lot volition receiver.
All Done: Now Save it as well as inside few hours you lot volition run into a pregnant growth inwards your Fan page likes. Don’t worry in 1 lawsuit your Earned signal got exhausted you lot tin dismiss earn to a greater extent than yesteryear liking other pages as well as could popular off on to enjoy. Moreover, you lot tin dismiss refer your friends as well as on each refer you lot volition larn 200 points.


  • You could alone allocate the points you lot have got inwards your account.CPC (Coins per click – Payout for each click from users) Select inwards betwixt 5 to 10 to growth your likes faster.
  • If you lot pick out 1 to iv it volition have likes but rattling slowly.
  • When your allocated points finishes you lot tin dismiss over again start liking pages as well as tin dismiss earn points in 1 lawsuit again 

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