International Trials Day Competition 2016 #Happy International Clinical Trial Day!!

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated or hence the globe on or close May 20 each twelvemonth inwards fellowship to celebrate the twenty-four hours that James Lind started what is frequently considered the commencement randomized clinical lawsuit aboard a ship on May 20, 1747.

International Trials Day Competition 2016
The commencement e’er clinical lawsuit was run inwards 1747 past times James Lind, a surgeon on board a ship, who noticed that some sailors were getting scurvy in addition to others weren’t. He randomised his subjects into ii groups, in addition to supplemented the diet of one-half of the sailors amongst fruit in addition to vegetables, to create upwards one’s heed whether this would improve their scurvy.
Clinical Trials are straight off i of the virtually of import tools inwards inquiry to create upwards one’s heed whether in that place is evidence for unlike treatments. We are proud to move inwards clinical research, in addition to promise you lot are too. To celebrate the importance of this work, Global Health Trials is launching today an of import novel competition.

What could nosotros win?
The winner of the contest volition win the funding to handgrip an of import i twenty-four hours skills-sharing workshop inwards their institution. The aim of the contest must hold upwards to ready local inquiry capacity inwards some way; other than that the dependent patch is upwards to you. For example, the topic could hold upwards inquiry ethics; introduction to research; how to acquit ethics inwards inquiry inwards outbreaks; how to engage the local community for research; how to initiate a novel projection – anything that volition assist local groups to acquit inquiry ameliorate or to a greater extent than ethically. The requisites are:
  • The workshop must hold upwards opened upwards to staff of all levels (investigators, nurses, lab staff, information managers, statisticians, etc) 
  • Preference volition hold upwards given to topics which are relevant to all
  • The workshop must hold upwards complimentary to attend
  • The workshop must hold upwards opened upwards to local institutions in addition to non for your establishment alone
  • The place must hold upwards a low/middle income country

Running this workshop volition non only assist to ready local inquiry capacity, but it volition also hold upwards a nifty means of promoting the move done at your ain site – in addition to fantastic sense for you lot equally well. Materials from the event, including a report, volition hold upwards shared online, hence it’s also fantabulous sense of publishing a written report inwards your name.

How would it work?
Global Health Trials has worked amongst individuals inwards many institutions to run similar workshops previously, in addition to volition render you lot amongst back upwards throughout the procedure of organising the workshop. You volition take away approving from your establishment earlier applying to run a workshop. We volition laid upwards a contract amongst your establishment to transfer the funds in addition to you lot volition hold upwards responsible for the organisation of the workshop inwards price of organising room bookings, refreshments, etc. We volition render funding upwards to a maximum of 2,000GBP for this, in addition to volition assist you lot inwards finding speakers for your chosen topic. During the consequence you lot volition take away to convey photographs – or if you lot like, audio-record the event; you lot volition take away to transportation the presentations in addition to a written report of the twenty-four hours afterwards the consequence to hold upwards shared online. We volition transportation trade such equally pens, lanyards etc. Ultimately the running of the workshop in addition to its success is your responsibility, but Global Health Trials volition assist you lot to brand certain that everything runs smoothly.
What create I stimulate got to do?
To apply for this opportunity, you lot should move amongst your squad to come upwards up amongst an innovative persuasion for a workshop which volition assist to ready local inquiry capacity. You tin download the application cast here. Make certain you lot stimulate got clearly read the aims of the competition. You should e-mail the completed cast to

How long create I stimulate got to develop my application?
The contest opens on International Clinical Trials twenty-four hours (20th May) in addition to volition hold upwards opened upwards for i month. You must submit your application past times 20th June 2016, 12pm GMT. Late applications volition non hold upwards accepted. 
Terms in addition to Conditions
  • Applicants must hold upwards members of Global Health Trials. Membership is complimentary in addition to opened upwards to all, hence if you lot aren’t a fellow member silent in addition to hence only register earlier entering.
  • The workshop must hold upwards inwards a low/middle income country
  • ONE commencement prize winner volition win funding upwards to 2,000GBP maximum full to run a one-day workshop at their site. The funding MUST larn to an establishment rather than an individual, in addition to volition hold upwards paid dependent patch to the successful completion of the workshop (i.e. if the workshop is non run, the establishment volition non larn the funding). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 contract volition hold upwards arranged explaining the responsibillities of the groups. 
  • If additional expenses are incurred for unplanned costs, these volition take away to hold upwards covered past times the establishment organising the workshop; the maximum funds available are 2000 GBP in addition to this is dependent patch to an itemised budget innovation which volition hold upwards agreed inwards advance past times both parties inwards a contract, in addition to cannot hold upwards altered except inwards writing past times approving of both parties.
  • This funding volition hold upwards used to comprehend the expenses for the day, but does non comprehend expenses, per-diems or daily rates for attendees or speakers.

  • All applications volition hold upwards judged past times The Global Health Network. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 curt listing volition hold upwards taken forwards to a judging panel of senior researchers in addition to the winners volition hold upwards announced inwards mid July 2016.
  • Applications are to hold upwards sent next instructions shown on the contest promotion in addition to are to hold upwards received past times 20th June 2016
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they stimulate got permission from their inquiry site or establishment to motility into the competition, in addition to run the workshop if succesful 
  • The Global Health Network/Global Health Trials may role all textile submitted to the contest inwards futurity inquiry in addition to for sharing/embedding on The Global Health Network.
  • No cash choice is available for contest winners.
  • Judge’s determination is final.
  • Applicants must submit photographs of the event, equally good equally the presentations in addition to a coming together report, which volition hold upwards shared online via Global Health Trials.

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