LOOK (light observation-defensive container)…the Mobile Pillbox/Observation Post.

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LOOK (light observation-defensive container) is a 20-feet container-based armoured observation as well as protection station. The container is fitted alongside a rotating weapon station or, optionally, a remotely controlled weapons module, complemented alongside a Polish-made optoelectronic sensor. LOOK is beingness presented, during the MSPO 2017 event, yesteryear the ZM Tarnów company. It has been submitted equally a production proposed to have the Defender award.

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Mike Sparks would move proud.  Once 1 time again the guy is beingness proven equally an innovator as well as many of his ideas are seeing the lite of day.  He called this real same concept a “Battle Box” only expanded on it to include providing logistics for an entire Brigade based on the ISO-Container beingness organized, bar coded as well as managed to service frontward forces.

He fifty-fifty went as well as thus far equally to envision ways that it would help maneuver forces as well as saw them beingness towed yesteryear M-113’s as well as moved to a greater extent than or less the battlefield yesteryear CH-54 (super modernized).

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You tin strength out banking concern check out Sparks writing on the dependent plain here…be warned it’s a bandwidth killer as well as thus if you’re running a ho-hum connector it’ll hitting you lot hard.
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