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Hi Everyone,

Are y’all eyeing to  grab an adorable floral backpack earlier y’all larn out for your opor-garai ??
Do y’all wanna brand a tilt this flavour amongst multi hued beaded bangles ??
Are y’all on lookput for roughly candy coloured goodness for your sugariness summertime ensembles ??
Do y’all wanna radiate happiness inward whatever y’all wearable ??
Wanna discovery fun in addition to fresh cottons for y’all to cuddle upward inward this summer  ??

We flora the perfect online shopping goal for y’all …. is India’s offset social shopping platform for Women amongst FREE Shipping worldwide.
Create in addition to Share your Scrapbooks in addition to discovery social shopping online amongst a broad alternative of Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Handbags, Food, Home in addition to Lifestyle products !!
LimeRoad squad is passionate well-nigh finding things that rising higher upward the mundane; that they intend volition grab your oculus in addition to arrest it. Moreover, to convey these to y’all wherever y’all are in addition to whenever y’all experience y’all select the fourth dimension to indulge a little.

 LimeRoad is a society to convey y’all products y’all volition autumn inward honey with; to give y’all a lead chances to practice your ain space, to tap into those hidden talents in addition to brand your personal looks in addition to collections; to assist y’all part your creations amongst friends to larn that minute opinion, to inspire or survive inspired; in addition to to assist y’all store inward a means that y’all volition discovery mesmerizing.

 We similar to intend of LimeRoad every bit the digital-age equivalent of the 16th Century Grand Trunk Road, 
a highway that changed the human face upward of merchandise inward the Indian subcontinent. 

Inspire others yesteryear creating your ain scrapbook looks. 
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Till side yesteryear side time….Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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