Prediction. The USMC volition dump the V-22 as well as overstep onboard the Army’s V-280!

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I had ii realizations.  Go to the Bell Helicopter Instagram page too aspect at the photos they accept of this airplane.

It’s wings are MUCH larger than those of the V-22.  I don’t know aerodynamics precisely that should interpret into to a greater extent than lift, amend hit too maybe fifty-fifty amend speed if non treatment qualities piece inwards bird mode.

The adjacent realization is that I’m betting the improvements that we’re gonna run across inwards this adjacent gen VTOL volition homecoming the V-22 obsolete. The USMC volition accept no choice BUT to larn aboard the Army’s computer program of tape too larn NAVAIR to blueprint (along alongside Bell) a navalized version.

I was skeptical at showtime precisely the to a greater extent than I aspect at this brute the to a greater extent than I’m convinced that nosotros mightiness endure looking at the adjacent Huey.  The adjacent measurement volition endure to larn them going on an armed version to larn rid of the Apache too AH-1Z.

Everyone wants a game changer?  This is it.  They’re closer to genuinely corking the code.  Next step?  I don’t know.  Maybe jet engines that swivel for STOL capability on a larger platform…they won’t accept to vertical maybe swivel upwards halfway?

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The hereafter is unfolding inwards ways the planners did non expect.