Rosomak 6×6 amongst SPIKE NLOS launchers inwards anti armor configuration

Thanks to Galvars for the pic!

Wow.  I recollect getting excited most a 6×6 version of the Patria AMV a twain of years agone but it seemed similar it was only vaporware.  The Marine Corps is all most aviation together with ONLY aviation but the dream me together with many readers had was for a 6×6 version of the winner of the ACV challenger that would laissez passer on LAR a existent bargain amphibious vehicle that could swim from send to shore together with notwithstanding last lite plenty to elevator past times helo (really a useless capability inwards fighting but prissy to dream).

Now Galvars hits me alongside the Rosomak inwards the same configuration alongside Spike anti-tank missiles (is anyone else noticing that the “dual” configuration is giving away to “quad packs”?).

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Is the dream alive?