Sputnik lists the FGM-172 Short-Range Assault Weapon (SRAW) every mo the virtually accurate curt make anti-tank missile…

via Sputnik.

The Most Accurate

Giving credit where credit is due, Kotz wrote that the USA single-shot FGM-172 Short-Range Assault Weapon (SRAW) missile organisation takes the prize for existence the virtually accurate portable anti-armor organisation inwards the list. “The organisation was adopted past times the USA Marine Corps inwards 2002 equally a simpler together with cheaper choice to the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system. Its brain wages is the possibility to run according to regulation of ‘fire-and-forget’.”

As far equally targeting is concerned, “it’s plenty for the gunner to rail the target for two-three seconds together with launch, subsequently which the weapon’s automatic controls boot in.” The missile is able to independently trouble organisation human relationship for current of air speed together with other factors, “and capable of hitting tanks inwards their upper hemisphere (usually a tank’s to the lowest degree protected area).”

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This is an interesting read.  What caught my attending isn’t the click bait inwards a higher house exactly the information on the RPG-29/30.

This is the weapon that gave the USA armed forces all kinds of fits when nosotros discovered that the terrorists inwards Republic of Iraq were able to penetrate the sides of the Abrams amongst it.

This is what started all the “street fighter” up-armoring programs you lot run into roughly the world.  From the diverse TUSK packages for the Abrams to the Urban Leopard 2A7 together with fifty-fifty the French got inwards on it amongst their LeClerc.

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My personal belief is that it isn’t the crew served anti-tank missiles that direct keep the armored community worried.  Those tin lavatory move easily suppressed.  It’s the exclusively bubba lurking amongst a capable low-cal weight organisation that’s been trained together with is capable of hitting weak spots that reach tankers the willies.
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