The xv attributes every Executive Director must possess

An executive manager is tasked alongside successfully leading as well as managing the fellowship to accomplish its mission. They thus excogitation as well as deal operations, programs, human resources, finances, community relations as well as risks. The executive manager too serves every bit the firm’s liaison officeholder (i.e. the couplet betwixt the line of piece of work solid as well as other stakeholders). They operate alongside as well as respond to the board of governors/directors. Briefly, the executive officeholder runs the fellowship on behalf the board.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead the fellowship  through evolution of achievable goals as well as advising the board accordingly
  • Design operational plans for the fellowship as well as ensure that the plans are effected inside the assigned timeframe
  • Create policies aimed at improving the working atmospheric condition inside the fellowship as well as efficiently managing the human resource
  • Develop fiscal plans for the fellowship inwards line alongside the approved budget every bit good every bit managing the company’s risks
  • Act every bit a liaison betwixt the fellowship as well as the community or stakeholders  

Academic Requirements

  • A minimum of academy marking inwards related field
  • Degree inwards Human Resource Management, Financial Management or Project Management is an added advantage


  • A minimum of 2 years of administration or supervisory experience
  • Proficiency inwards figurer purpose suite is compulsory
  • Experience every bit a sales executive, or lawsuit planner may live required

Skills as well as Abilities

  • Exceptional leadership as well as managerial skills alongside corking emphasis on treatment non-profit organizations or voluntary work
  • Effective communicator i.e. someone endowed alongside proficient oratory, comprehension as well as writing skills
  • Customer oriented i.e. understanding, as well as responding to the client’s needs promptly alongside long term solutions
  • An accomplished innovator who tin practise novel opportunities inside the fellowship as well as amend its operations
  • Excellent networking skills to practise lasting relations betwixt the fellowship as well as other stakeholders
  • Must show high flat of integrity when dealing alongside junior staff, board of directors as well as other companies
  • Must live dynamic as well as highly adaptable to novel operate environs i.e. someone who tin offset operate straight off as well as anywhere 
  • Must live a squad purpose musician (i.e. live able to complement the operate of their staff  and study to their superiors/board of directors when asked)
  • Highly organized alongside clear schedules, operate or activity plans as well as withdraw maintain the might to rails information every bit good every bit practise follow-ups on by ventures
  • Good planner who tin uncovering novel ways to propel the fellowship into increase using the to the lowest degree resources
  • Should withdraw maintain  problem sensitivity i.e. the might to foresee problems as well as preventing them earlier they behave upon negatively on the company
  • A fast as well as strategic thinker, who tin scan through options as well as pick the correct 1 based on the prevailing line of piece of work organisation environment
  • Be able to brand quick decisions later withdraw a opportunity assessment  
  • Ability to verbalize to a greater extent than than 1 official linguistic communication (Bilinguals) 
  • Be a self-starter i.e. able to operate nether minimum supervision as well as or no supervision at all

Recruiting a fellowship Executive Director is work that demands thoroughness on the part of the employer. The board should give priority to experience, observable leadership as well as managerial skills. Additional academic qualifications as well as personal traits should too live considered inwards gild of priority to ensure that the fellowship hires the finest Executive Officer.

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