Top v Health Issues Affecting Men And How To Handle Them

Gender plays a large role when it comes to susceptibility to for certain diseases. In this article nosotros are going to expect at the 5 weather that are affecting men basis wide.

Heart Disease

Defining Heart illness mightiness non hold upwards too so straight equally it tin forcefulness out hold upwards used to refer to a myriad of weather affecting the heart. However a unproblematic Definition would hold upwards whatsoever weather that narrows the blocked blood vessels or affects the see beat.

Gender plays a large role when it comes to susceptibility to for certain diseases Top 5 Health Issues Affecting Men And How To Handle Them
An Illustration of the see disease
Public Image By: NIH: National Heart, Lung too Blood Institute via Wikimedia


There are many symptoms that could propose a see condition. However, the next are prominent: Shortness of breath,Chest pain,Pain too numbness, Faster or slower heartbeat,Light-headed,Back hurting too shoulders.


The next factors predispose 1 to see illness too are thus considered with the causes: Family history,  Aging, High Blood Pressure, Overweight,obesity, High Blood cholesterol and Diabetes


Mostly, this is a preventable illness rather than treatable disease.. Here are unopen to steps towards handling or prevention:

  •  Lifestyle changes such equally quitting smoking too exercising regularly
  •  Prescription medicine to lower the blood pressure level or cholesterol
  •  Surgery too the use of pacemakers or cardiovascular-defibrillator implantation

Prostate Cancer

This is the cancer of the prostate glands.  It is also 1 of the most rampant diseases affecting men today. You shouldn’t confuse it with prostatitis  which is the inflammation of the said gland. Since prostate gland is only flora inwards men, both diseases are unique to men alone.


Prostate cancer is by too large asymptomatic inwards early on stages. However, those with the next symptoms involve to consult their doctor: Difficulty urinating, Blood tainted urine, Blood tainted semen, Pain inwards the thighs, Ache inwards the pelvic surface area too male erectile dysfunction. There may also hold upwards symptoms like to neoplasm or tumor


The next are considered unopen to of the predisposing factors when it comes to prostate cancer:  Old age, Family history or genetic Diet and Diabetes


As they say, prevention is amend than cure too thus it’s advisable to know 1 or ii preventive methods and:

  • Healthy diet preferably low-fat diet, swallow fish (e.g. Sardines, salmon and), dark-green tea too less dairy products
  •  Exercise regularly too hold a salubrious weight.
  •  Hormone therapy, External Bean Radiation, Proton Therapy
  •  Chemotherapy, Cyrothereapy, Prostate too Brachytherapy


Diabetes is defined equally an abnormally high marking of glucose inwards the blood. Such excessive total of blood carbohydrate is due to depression production of insulin past times the pancreas.  Diabetes is such a serious status thus the involve to empathise it.
  • Type 1 diabetes is where the trunk doesn’t attain insulin thus commonly referred to  equally insulin subject diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes  is where at that topographic point is depression insulin production or utilization. It is the most pop type affecting nearly 90% of the patients.


Her are unopen to mutual symptoms of diabetes. You should consult a MD when: Skin infections,Thirst,Drowsiness,  Frequent urination, Blurred vision, Dry mouth


While at that topographic point are no specific causes of diabetes, the next factors predispose 1 to the disease: Poor diet, Old age, Obesity, Inactive life and, Viral or bacterial infections


Mostly, at that topographic point are  different handling for Type 1 diabetes  too Type 2 diabetes. For instance, the onetime is  treated through:

  • Controlled insulin injection too regular exercise. 
  • Following a dietary plan.

On the other hand, type 2  diabetes is handled through weight loss though next a diet too an active life are necessary too.


Stroke happens when the encephalon or component of it does non larn plenty oxygen supply.  This mightiness hold upwards due to narrowing or hardening of arteries leading to the encephalon thus disrupting the blood render to the brain. Like diabetes, Heart disease, Prostate Cancer, high blood pressure level too HIV too AIDS, Stroke is a dreaded illness affecting men.


Since stroke is too so sudden, hither are unopen to symptoms yous should hold upwards weary of. It is advisable to assay immediate medical attending if yous have: Severe headache, Difficulty walking,   Loss of residual or coordination, Confusion or employment understanding, Numbness of trunk parts such equally legs arm or legs


As mentioned before, stroke is caused past times interrupting the blood render to the brain. The next tin forcefulness out significantly contribute to that condition: High blood pressure, Diabetes, Tobacco abuse, High marking of cholesterol


Treatment involves: Mechanical clot removal and Medication to the encephalon too surgery. You also mightiness desire to do Quit smoking, Have a salubrious diet, Have a salubrious weight and Exercise regularly


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).  One is declared to convey AIDS if they convey less than 200 CD4 cells inwards the blood.  Basically , HIV/AIDS is a status that lowers one’s immunity against opportunistic diseases.


Though the illness has a long incubation menstruation too mightiness hold upwards asymptomatic inwards unopen to patients, hither are the mutual symptoms 1 time the illness is highly advanced: Skin lesions, Uncontrolled weight loss, Lung weather or Pneumonia,Whites spots on the throat, natural language or oral cavity


Largely transmitted through unprotected sexual practice with an HIV/AIDS Positive  someone too sharing of needles with drug users.

Treatment/ Prevention

  • Treat the HIV patients with ARVs (Antiretroviral drugs)
  •  Practice rubber sex
  • Avoid sharing needles  

This listing was simply a brief description of the major diseases affecting men. Surely, at that topographic point are hundreds of ailments yous should hold upwards aware of.  I hence recommend farther question on both listed h too the unlisted dieseases

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