Top x Most Popular Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs

Pakistan is amidst those countries which are developing chop-chop inward the plain of data technology. The biggest argue behind the rapid increment of instruction is the immature generation of Pakistan, which is over whelmed amongst fruitful ideas. Being a Pakistani myself I stimulate got bully regards in addition to honor to the Bloggers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan who are educating us amongst in that location cognition costless of cost.
There are thousands of Pakistani bloggers who are passionate near blogging. If nosotros become inward depth nosotros volition detect Islamic Republic of Pakistan has tons of fascinating bloggers. This is the argue why today I thought to create a listing of top 10 most pop Pakistani bloggers in addition to blogs. The chore of collecting the data was real tricky equally Islamic Republic of Pakistan has massive listing of bloggers but inward the destination I managed every affair pretty handsomely. So today nosotros volition hash out near the most inspiring in addition to top bloggers of Pakistan which are giving the message to entire basis that nosotros Pakistanis are non left behind inward the plain of data technology.   
Below is the listing of Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers in addition to Blogs. Which are calculated according to their Earning, Traffic, Alexa Ranking, Affiliate income.

Taimur Asad’s

Taimur Asad is a software engineer who was graduated from Bahria University Karachi. In our ranking he is the divulge i blogger of Pakistan. His Blog is ranked at 4000+ all across the globe amongst the maximum Alexa rank of 2000. He is an ideal blogger non only for Islamic Republic of Pakistan but for whole due south Asia. His weblog is mainly focused on engineering scientific discipline news, reviews, information, products, android in addition to etc. His weblog covers every affair from Microsoft to apple tree in addition to from Symbian to Android. With almost 24k$ per calendar month earning in that location is no doubtfulness why he is on the top location of our Pro Blogger Ranking inward Pakistan.

Syed Balkhi’s 

Syed Balkhi is some other most prominent blogger of Pakistan. He is the founder in addition to CEO of Although he is non living inward Islamic Republic of Pakistan correct now, equally he lives inward USA but was born inward metropolis of lights Karachi Pakistan. He is known for his forceful advertising skills, artistic designs, in addition to cognition inward SEO. He is famous equally “the WordPress Ninja” amidst his clients. With the Alexa rank of 4500 all across the globe in addition to Google Page Rank of vii he is on instant location inward the listing of Top Pro Bloggers inward Pakistan.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai’s

Well what I should tell near this guy he is merely the best. Personally I really dearest Mustafa non only for his blogging but the means he motivates the immature bloggers to practise blogging, he is my personal favorite. He started his blogging carrier inward 2008 amongst weblog later few years he converted it into professional person .com blog. He is non only a Pro Blogger but equally good a certified SEO consultant. His weblog is near blogging, blogger, brand coin online in addition to etc. This guy is 22 years of historic flow almost the youngest blogger of Pakistan. After the unloosen of Google Panda update most of the pop blogs were hurted equally they saw a major driblet inward their traffic but due to the Panda Update MBT ( saw a flyer inward it’s traffic in addition to since in addition to then Mustafa has non stopped his passion, “Blogging”. has four Google Page Rank in addition to has 10k Alexa Rank across the globe. With our guess he earn near vii to 10K per calendar month which makes him the 3rd most pop Pro Blogger of Pakistan. 

He equally good runs one self host WordPress weblog named  which is entirely based on How nosotros tin sack Make coin online.

Bilal Ahmad’s

Bilal Ahmed is some other pop blogger, who started his blogging career as a business office fourth dimension blogger but converted his entire life. He is currently Doing MBA inward Banking in addition to Finance from Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar Pakistan. The primary topics which are covered inward are Blogger, WordPress, Social Media, Technology, Computer in addition to Internet. With Alexa Ranking of 15K across the globe in addition to full earning of near 7000$ per calendar month he is at the 4th location inward our most pop Pro Bloggers of Pakistan

Aamir Atta’s

Aamir Atta the CEO in addition to founder of started his blogging journeying inward 2008 in addition to his weblog is the most pop weblog inward the plain of local telecom in addition to broadband manufacture inward Pakistan. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan it is ranked at 84 which become far the most visited weblog of Pakistan. reaches to a huge audience – really over 500,000 unique visitors per calendar month to endure exact. His weblog is ranked at 10k all across the globe amongst the full earning of 6000$ which makes him 5th most pop Blogger of Pakistan.

Muhammad Nabeel Khan’s

Nabeel Khan is a multitalented guy he is Doctor in addition to spider web developer /programmer past times profession. He lives inward Islamabad Islamic Republic of Pakistan in addition to was born on 27th of April. was started past times bunch of schoolhouse boys but equally the fourth dimension passes they spread all across the basis but in that location enthusiasm towards blogging never ended this is the argue why it is ranked at 45k all across the globe amongst the maximum Alexa rank of 10k. According to our guess he earns 4000$ per calendar month which makes him the 6th most pop Pro Blogger of Pakistan.

Ammar Ali‘s

This man child is genuinely a genius, at such immature historic flow of xvi (Current) he has shown bully self believe with his blogging techniques this is the argue why inside four months his weblog gained ultimate attending from audience all unopen to the world.  There is no doubt why nosotros ranked him the most prominent and emerging immature star of the twelvemonth 2012. Ammar Ali is a immature teenager who is blessed amongst the fine art of Blogging. He blogs 24-hour interval inward in addition to 24-hour interval out equally blogging is his passion. With Alexa Rank of 32k (Still improving) all across the globe in addition to page rank of iii he is at the 7th location of our Pro Bloggers inward Pakistan.

Mohsin Ali Waheed’s

Mohsin Ali is a 32 twelvemonth sometime Pro blogger in addition to a top rated SEO consultant. He lives inward Islamabad Pakistan, who is enjoying his life of mesh since 2007. Mohsin started equally a business office fourth dimension blogger but instantly amongst handsome techniques he is a Pro Blogger. The argue behind the creation of his weblog was to educate other amongst costless of damage knowledge. His weblog is ranked at 46K all across the globe amongst the Google Page rank of ii he is on the 8th location inward our listing of Pro Bloggers of Pakistan.

Nadeem Khan’s

Nadeem Khan was born inward Oct 1990 in addition to is a reckoner engineer in addition to he is the founder in addition to electrical flow CEO of Chillopedia is the growing news, reviews, resources in addition to data weblog which focuses on diverse dissimilar genres such as Technology, Social Media in addition to etc. Nadeem khan is non only a Blogger but equally good a SEO Expert. With Alexa ranking of 51K all across the globe in addition to estimated earning of 2000$ per calendar month he is the 9th most successful blogger of Pakistan.

Saad Hamid’s

Saad started inward 2007 equally a house where he could percentage his personal sense near engineering scientific discipline in addition to gadgets. Since in addition to then he has taken off handsomely in addition to he is educating thousands of users every month. Before Google Panda update it was the most pop weblog of Islamic Republic of Pakistan but instantly it is affected badly in addition to thus its alexa rank is dropped to 100k all across the globe, but nevertheless he manages to line off handsome income near 1000$ per calendar month in addition to he is at the 10th location inward our listing of Professional Bloggers inward Pakistan

So These Peoples are the truthful talent of Pakistan, equally these bloggers are highly professional person specially Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai’s MBT. Now its upward to you lot which blogger you lot desire to follow. And I promise you lot volition endure motivated to teach listed inward our side past times side edition of Top Pakistani Bloggers. Till in addition to then Peace Blessings in addition to Happy Blogging.

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