USAF Academy Football Team wearing F-35A themed helmets.

Thanks to Tim for the link!


The Falcons volition apparel exceptional helmets honoring the F-35 fighter jet for a game this season. The pattern on the football game helmets is designed to replicate the helmets the pilots of the jets wear.

The laid out version of the exceptional blueprint was released Mon as well as the balance of them volition live on released the balance of the week. From Air Force’s site:

The helmet volition bring 5 dissimilar designs, the laid out of which was unveiled today. Follow @AFFootball equally the remaining 4 helmets volition live on revealed Sept. 5-8. On 1 side of every helmet volition live on the familiar Air Force logo oftentimes seen on aircraft, which includes the length-wise bars intersecting the roundel. On the other side volition live on a decal representing 1 of the 5 Air Force F-35-A operational fighter squadrons inward the Air Force.

Just plainly wow.

This is interesting.  You would mean value that if the plan is equally “rock steady” as well as “unkillable” equally we’re beingness told, as well as hence they wouldn’t bring to resort to this type of weirdness.

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Considering how the AF Academy is projected to create this twelvemonth perhaps they create quest this type of flash to popular off on morale up.