Van Heusen Limited Edition collection

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With the Limited Edition collection Van Heusen does what it does best fifty-fifty better. Crafted from the close sophisticated fabrics together with close contemporary cuts, these dresses are certain to get upward the adult woman from women. Be it the girl’s black out or a hotshot shoot, all 1 needs is an occasion to acquit these dresses off. The ode to elegance, each of the Limited Edition dresses was imbued alongside the spirit of Van Heusen’s combination of fashion together with style. Extremely sophisticated, feminine, exuding the frail smell of elegance, this collection definitely goes from summertime edition to collector’s edition.


The fabulous fashion demonstrate which was peculiarly organized for the loyal Van Heusen Woman customers called VAN HESUEN DIVAs, equally good witnessed Bangalore’s renowned socialites attending. Guests included Aparna Suri, Mariam Baig, Sarah Khatri together with many more. Models Pashmeena Barker together with Jackie Shetty led the troupe that scorched the runway inward glamorous dresses, equally the audience sipped vino together with cocktails from a bespoke card that complemented the fabulous “Limited Edition” range. What followed was an absolutely high adrenaline demonstrate packed alongside style, sophistication together with bully tunes yesteryear DJ Shasha, alongside Sheetal Sharma playing the host.

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