WarHammer News. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few things aren’t adding upwardly alongside this N. Korea missile crisis (the latest episode at least)!

I’ve been watching coverage of the N. Korean nuclear exam in addition to a few things only aren’t adding upwards in addition to NO ONE is quest the questions.  What produce I mean?

1.  We’ve e’er gotten discussion of an upcoming nuke exam BEFORE it happens. This fourth dimension nada.  Complete quiet until the U.S. Geological Agency registered the solid set down shake.

2.  Mattis only made a disputation in addition to Dunford stood amongst him earlier the gaggle of reporters this afternoon.  Whatever is beingness planned it’s beingness driven past times the Pentagon, in addition to the State Dept is nowhere to last found.

3.  How did N. Korea all of a precipitous brand these huge jumps inwards nuclear weapons tech inwards only the fourth dimension that Trump has been inwards office?  That “warning” from Obama to Trump wasn’t a illustration of Obama playing Nostradamus, he knew something…the U.S. intel agencies knew something along amongst the Dept of Defense in addition to no i told us (the public).

4.  They’re reaching for the sanctions card?  Seriously?  Head over to the U.S. Treasury Dept’s sanctions list.  It’s damn nigh legion already.  N. Korea is for the most component subdivision self contained in addition to the people that nosotros demand to larn onboard stimulate got their ain agendas.  With Russian Federation nosotros tin dismiss likely bargain.  It would accept swallowing a fighting of crow in addition to forcing Congress to larn caput out of donkey but lifting sanctions on them for Ukraine in addition to getting their assistance amongst N. Korea seems possible (probably accept alot of operate but country of war on the peninsula is the cost of failure).  The wild carte du jour are those damn Chinese.  They’re playing all hands against each other in addition to doing the “smile inwards your appear upwards stab yous inwards the dorsum thing”.  China needs to last punished to larn them onboard but that would accept starting a merchandise war.  The proficient matter if they stimulate got the balls to follow thru amongst it?  It could weaken the electrical flow Chinese leader in addition to destroy their economic scheme (ours volition accept a large striking likewise in addition to suburbanites volition whine nearly non getting their widgets but I don’t actually care).

Something is off amongst this whole crisis.

It’s almost similar N. Korea wants the deal in addition to and hence does the US.

Prediction stands.  Bombs commencement dropping in addition to missiles commencement launching inwards wintertime piece of cake this year/early next.

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Note.  Gotta notice the article but supposedly at that spot was verbalize of a express smasher against high profile installations that they hoped wouldn’t Pb to a larger war. I’ll endeavor in addition to notice it.
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