Why the LCAC is crucial to the Marines.

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For the foreseeable future, inwards lodge to larn pregnant forces from ship-to-shore the Marine Corps volition rely on the Navy’s fleet of specialized vessels, the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC). First deployed inwards 1984, the LCAC revolutionized amphibious operations. The LCAC is a high-speed air cushion platform that floats only to a higher house the water. It is capable of carrying heavy payloads as well as large numbers of Marines from the good deck of an amphibious ship stationed upwardly to 100 miles at body of body of water non only to the water’s border but over the beach. With a cargo capacity of upwardly to seventy tons, the LCAC is able to carry the heaviest vehicle the Marine Corps possesses, the M-1 tank, at speeds approaching forty nautical miles an hour.

The LCAC is designed to locomote carried as well as piece of job from all Navy amphibious ships that receive a good deck. This is a large, enclosed infinite located inwards the stern of many amphibious warfare ships, which allows LCACs, amphibious vehicles as well as boats to charge men, vehicles as well as supplies necessitate from the ship’s interior. Once fully loaded, LCACs tin deed apace across the H2O as well as over the shore, delivering large numbers of Marines, their combat gear as well as fighting vehicles into battle. LCACs besides tin carry evacuation support, lane breaching, mine countermeasure operations, as well as Marine as well as Special Warfare equipment delivery.

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